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Questions for Candidates

What Our Locals Are Asking

We ask Castlecliff locals what is important to them and how candidates might respond. While candidate responses will be valuable to all who live in our region, we aim to ensure that questions and answers maintain relevance to Castlecliff.


Question 1: Nui (The Dog)

Nui is a local four-legged friend of Castlecliff. Nui would like to ask what could be done about monitoring safe speeds on the beach?  Does the candidate support healthy off-leash dog walking away from the crowded areas at Rangiora Street?

Candidate response to Question 1 

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Question 2: Environmental Enthusiast

What is a top priority you would address in the Whanganui District Council Coastal Action Plan?  Explain your choice and suggest what you consider a reasonable timeline.

Candidate response to Question 2

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Question 3: Castlecliff Resident

There is a view that Castlecliff has received quite a lot of funding over the past few years and should step back now and allow other suburbs to have their share. We would like to know what you think of this statement and whether or not you agree with it.

Candidate response to Question 3

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Question 4: Mountain to the Sea

What do you see as your role in community resilience in the face of climate change? 

Candidate response to Question 4

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Question 5: Community Supporter

The Castlecliff community have ideas and projects they undertake or promote to better their community. How would you support these efforts as a potential Local Government community representative?

Candidate response to Question 5

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Question 6: Silver Surfer

Completing the Te Pūwaha project includes establishing a community facility at the North Mole. Please explain your opinions about this and include your position on WDC funding.

Candidate response to Question 6

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Question 7: Memory Maker

The Duncan Pavillion is an icon to many of us, yet its future is in doubt. What is your position on this community asset?

Candidate response to Question 7

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Question 8: History Buff

The Castlecliff Hotel is a historic Whanganui building built in 1885, on Council owned land with the lease expiring in ten years. What action would you take to preserve this landmark building for the future?

Candidate response to Question 8

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Question 9: Lucky Local

What are your best memories and experiences in Castlecliff?  How often do you visit Castlecliff?

Candidate response to Question 9

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Question 10: Nga Mihi Nui

How do you see Tupua te Kawa practised from your perspective?

Candidate response to Question 10

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