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About Our Voice

Progress Castlecliff is a charitable membership organisation representing the Castlecliff community's interests. Its committee are elected annually and offer governance, guidance, and support to initiatives like Castlecliff CoastCare, the Community Library, the Duncan Pavillion, and events and issues that impact the well-being, prosperity and abundance of those who make this coastal region of Whanganui their place.

We believe that for democracy to work, we must support those elected into local government representative roles. Therefore, with candidates recently announced for the October 8, 2022, local body elections, we ask locals what they want to know from their future Mayor and Councillors to ensure Castlecliff has a fair voice, now and into the future.

Castlecliff Beach Scenes

How were the ten candidate questions selected?

We asked Castlecliff locals to come up with questions that had social, economic, environmental and cultural considerations from a Castlecliff community perspective. We intended to keep the range of questions relatable and limited to ten to ensure we could maximise participation.

Who was invited to respond?

All candidates, including Horizons (Whanganui Representatives) and Rural Community Board, were invited to participate. Along with Mayoral and Councillor Candidates, they all have elected representative responsibilities for local body decision-making that influences our community's wellbeing, prosperity and abundance.  Responses are listed in the order of submission, and those missing either declined or ignored our request for feedback. Your participation in choosing who represents us is vital, your vote counts.

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